Property Management

Property Management in South West Florida

One of the key points of successful income property investments is proper management.

We created a purpose built department to serve this need, with a focus on service, protecting your assets and maximizing your returns.

Our Objective:

  • Provide high-value & high-quality service.
  • Place reliable tenants, keep them so happy so we have a great reputation with the tenant community.
  • Control costs, negotiate with our vendors, but pay them quickly so when we need them we get taken care of right away.
  • Preserving your property – Ensure that preemptive & preventative repairs and maintenance are done.   Sometime’s it is the little things like making sure the caulking and grout in the bathroom is intact.   An ounce of prevention vs a pound of cure.   We set a cost threshold per unit and anything over that is ONLY done with your approval.
  • Maximizing your profit margins – We make it a point to ensure that units are rented at market value, that improvements create value and services rendered are cost effective.

Proactive repairs are recommended to the owner to be made at time of intake or prior to placing a tenant to reduce emergency calls and improve both safety and property preservation.

Property Management Fees:

We have a simple fee structure and do NOT charge markups on services or repairs or lease renewals.


Here’s a short list of just some of what we do:

Full Service Property Management

  1. Perform an evaluation of the units, determine market rents and what repairs/upgrades can be done to increase rental income.
  2. Prepare units to be rented; including coordination with vendors for cleanings, repairs or to perform maintenance.
  3. Photo and video documentation of the property for use in advertising the unit, reporting back to owner and documenting our files.
  4. Advertise the unit for rent, including signage, listing in the MLS, classifieds, on our website and social media.
  5. Respond to every potential tenant inquiry, arrange open houses and showings for potential tenants to see the property.
  6. Process tenant applications, credit and background checks.
  7. Perform pre and post occupancy as well as quarterly inspections.
  8. 24/7 availability to respond to tenant maintenance / repair requests.
  9. Execute leases and renewals ensuring units are rented at true market value.
  10. Provide the owner a detailed monthly and annual statement of all income and expenses for each unit.
  11. Provide an action plan for maintaining the property with preventive maintenance and factoring reserves for roofing, exterior paint, AC and appliances.
  12. Pass on vendor discounts on materials and labor directly at 100% true cost.  There is never a markup or surcharge on routine repairs or maintenance performed!

Tenant Placement Service

For owners who would prefer to manage their properties themselves and want the assurance of professional tenant screening and leasing we do offer a fee based service.   You can take advantage of our marketing and systems while at the same time handling the collection of rent, maintenance and repair calls personally.

Hybrid Service

If you have repair and maintenance people who already provide you great value, we will still provide needs assessments, quality assurance, invoice tracking, record keeping and payment disbursement to them as your service providers as part of your management service.

Here are some client testimonials…

Oct 5, 2018 at 9:16AM
Merilyne recommends Michael Urbinato

As a first time home buyer. The process can be scary and stressful.The service Mike provide exceeded my expectations. He is really knowledgeable , highly attentive to detail and most importantly reliable . Mike's expertise and advice was invaluable. He was very patient and helpful, and maintained great communication throughout the entire proces. He went above and beyond and make the process easier for me I couldn’t recommend him enough for anyone looking for some peace of mind when buying a home. View More Info at

Jun 1, 2018 at 6:28AM
Cecil Warren recommends Michael Urbinato

Neogenomics Laboratory

This was my second time buying a home and the assistant given by Michael was invaluable. He helped in every aspect, even going as far as to supply snacks for my family during moving day. Even after the sale, Michael continues to stay in touch to assure that we have contacts to help us complete task for the house. The best thing I can say is that he is not only a realtor but a friend. View More Info at

Apr 22, 2018 at 11:03AM
Tina Land recommends Michael Urbinato

Michael was outstanding to work with on our real estate purchase! We lived out of state and he went above and beyond to do the foot work on all our request and questions. I would definitely recommend Michael Urbinato for all your real estate needs. He helped us attain one of our goals of purchasing a condo on a canal in Cape Coral, Florida!! View More Info at

Apr 11, 2018 at 6:49AM
Elizabeth and Chuck King recommends Michael Urbinato


Michael did an outstanding and professional job and selling in listing our home in the Cape Coral area. I had another agent that had absolutely no showings and no success for over 6 months. Michael managed to not only Market appropriately price appropriately and help us through the entire process all under 2 months amazing recommend him to anyone and everyone. View More Info at

Sep 1, 2017 at 11:29AM
Christine figueroa recommends Michael Urbinato

I am a vascular sonographer

Micheal was very helpful when it came to buying my first home. He was very informative and real easy to talk to, made sure i was aware of everything that was going on and was on top of anything that was needed to be done View More Info at

Jun 15, 2016 at 6:12PM
Brian Murawski recommends Michael Urbinato

Mike has helped me with multiple real estate transactions and he always goes above and beyond what is expected. In my most recent transaction, Mike recommended a professional be brought in to assess the condition of a seawall to provide an additional opinion, and I am thankful he did. I will continue to call upon Mike in future transactions! Highly recommended! View More Info at

Jun 7, 2016 at 8:49AM
Justin Anderson recommends Michael Urbinato

Sales manager

I cannot express how much I appreciated Micheal's help and guidance throughout this adventure of buying my first house. He treated me as if I was his best customer even though I was looking at lower end housing, which was completely the opposite experience of the other real estate agent I had started with. He always answered my phone calls and answered any questions I had or if he didn't know he found the answer very quickly. He likes to have his hand in the entire transaction from showing the houses inside and out, even going into attics and crawl spaces looking for any unseen issues before making an offer, being there with the inspector to ensure a quality inspection, helping make decisions as far as insurance and lender options showing the pros and cons of each deal or company, and even helping and doing any follow up repairs or cleaning after the sale was done. Just a completely over the top and extra mile kind of experience I had with him. I would very highly recommend him to any friends or family that would be looking for new properties in the future. I'm not sure what he makes but whatever it is he needs a raise as he was invaluable to me throughout this process kudos, to you Mike! View More Info at

Apr 18, 2016 at 11:09AM
Dawn Fritz recommends Michael Urbinato

Health and Life Insurance Broker

Michael is very knowledgeable and knows the Fort Myers area well. He is very helpful in searching and evaluating a property. He is also very professional at what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone shopping and or selling a property. View More Info at

Jan 4, 2016 at 6:26PM
Janert Colberg recommends Michael Urbinato


I really appreciated the work that Michael did to not only improve my property but set it up so that I received a good price when I sold it. Micheal became my property manager after I fired my previous property management company. He was able to raise the rates for the rental but also supervised for a reasonable rate the upgrading of one of my units. This resulted in not only my getting an increase in monthly income but also set up the price for selling my rental units. View More Info at

Oct 1, 2015 at 3:14PM
Larry Gerboth recommends Michael Urbinato

Restaurant Owner/Manager

Michael Urbinato is a very professional and hard working real estate agent. He took all the time needed to make the process of buying a home (from half the country away - Wisconsin) smooth and seamless. He didn't back down from any of the obstacles that came our way, which we had a few. He went the extra mile many times to find and secure a house with all of our specifications. Also, with us not being able to move down there right away, he took the time to find renters and get the house in shape for the renters to live (pretty impressive). He was also the only agent that we found to help us get the financing that we needed in our financial situation. Mike is a workhorse and has become a friend of ours through this process. I'm very appreciative. Larry Gerboth (A new, future - Cape Coralian) View More Info at

Sep 17, 2015 at 10:15AM
William Larrimore recommends Michael Urbinato

Real Estate Investor

This is my first experience with Mike Urbinato. I currently have other rental properties with another management company located in SW Florida.

The comparative analysis between the two management companies is as different as night and day. Mike is the consummate professional who has a thorough knowledge of every aspect of commercial real estate. He both manages and also provides a wealth of knowledge regarding property management. I used to make decisions unilaterally, but now run issues past Mike for his expertise before finalizing. Mike just saved me plenty on property insurance by guiding me towards the right agency and choosing the appropriate product. He also saved me much more by thoroughly inspecting the duplex I just bought and brought to light a significant (hidden defect) roof problem that could have cost me thousands.

The other important attribute Mike has is his tremendous follow-thru and prompt turn around when any issue is presented. Time is money and nobody knows better than Mike.

He has my unqualified recommendation and plan on adding more properties under his capable management.

William Larrimore
Real Estate Investor, Ft. Myers, Florida

View More Info at

Aug 8, 2015 at 4:45PM
Anonymous recommends Michael Urbinato


Michael manages 8 duplexes that I own in Fort Myers; he is doing a great job and always available to help; he makes responsibility of owning very easy; first and foremost he is hard worker property manager and has high intrgrity; I highly recommend his services
View More Info at


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